Bank bailout commentary: Not so fast!


Haste makes waste. Any time 535 people reach an agreement this quickly, you know most of them did not even read it before signing off. That, sports fans, is how we got into this mess to begin with. What remains to be seen is whether the measure will pass (probably) and whether the markets will […]

Is Sharia law now enforceable in the United States?


Say what?  The TimesOnline reports today that through the mechanism of private arbitration the government of the United Kingdom now enforces Sharia law in civil and family law cases where the parties have previously agreed to be bound by Sharia court rulings. At this point, readers may be wondering why the headline of this post […]

Choice of Law


Frequently overlooked elements of commercial contract negotiations are the choice of law and choice of forum clauses. These clauses can have a dramatic impact on the timing, amount, and collectibility of the revenue or expense associated with a transaction. Most contracts written nowadays contain such clauses, but many non-lawyers downplay their importance because they are “legal technicalities” that they don’t fully understand.