The United States should support Honduras against Manuel Zelaya

Some have asked for my views on the Honduran so-called “coup” in which the former Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, was removed from office upon the order of the Honduran Supreme Court.   Having read the relevant documents in the original Spanish, I agree with Miguel Estrada that the removal was both legal and necessary.

For reasons set forth in more detail in Estrada’s Los Angeles Times op-ed (July 10), in the Corte’s Comunicado Especial (linked to the picture below), and in the documents supporting it, those who are full informed have every reason to applaud la Corte Suprema de Justicia Hondureña for legally and properly sending a would-be Hugo Chavez packing.

Corte Suprema

Like me (and unlike Barack Obama) Estrada speaks Spanish, actually works as an attorney and has read the Honduran Constitution and other official documents by which the Honduran Supreme Court legally ordered the removal of then-President Zelaya.  Americans (and Europeans) who think they know que pasa in Honduras would do well to read what Estrada has to say. Continue reading