Crimes against the Constitution: Walther, Perry & Texas CPS

by Kurt Schulzke on June 19, 2008

In today’s San Angelo Standard-Times, I argue that Judge Barbara Walther and Texas CPS jeopardized the rule of law in their round up and 60-day forced detention of 460+ FLDS children and adults back in April.

As the Texas “investigation” of the FLDS drags on, I suggest that Texas train its investigative guns in a more fruitful direction: against Walther, CPS investigator Angie Voss, Eldorado Sheriff David Doran and Texas Governor Rick Perry. Each acted in this case with cavalier disregard for the laws of Texas and the Constitution of the United States.

Perry, as late as June 6 — in the face of a Texas Supreme Court ruling that his agents violated Texas law in taking the FLDS children without evidence of their endangerment — had the temerity, while standing comfortably distant in France, to shout over the water at hundreds of law-abiding, tax-paying FLDS:

“If you are going to conduct yourself that way, we are going to prosecute you,” Perry said. “If you don’t want to be prosecuted for those activities, then maybe Texas is not the place you need to consider calling home.”

But, to date, not one member of the FLDS community has been accused of a crime. What “way” does the Governor have in mind? What activities? And what should we do with bullies like Governor Perry who commit high crimes against the Constitution, unjustly defame innocent citizens and discredit law enforcement while pretending to uphold the law?