Michael Mann v. Ken Cuccinelli: Is Academic Freedom a License to Lie?

Does “academic freedom” include the right to falsify data in government grant applications? One might think so, to hear Rachel Levinson Waldman, senior counsel for the American Association of University Professors. She (and 810 Virginia professors) have objected to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cucinelli’s civil investigative demand or “CID” (shown below) that the University of Virginia produce documents and communications relating to $485,000 in government funds it received on behalf of then UVA prof Michael Mann (of Climategate Hockey Stick fame) for the study of global warming theories.

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Former HP VP Malhotra admits stealing trade secrets

Atul Malhotra, former VP of imaging and printing services at Hewlett Packard (HP) pleaded guilty today to stealing trade secrets in a joint prosecution by federal and California authorities. Federal trade secrets prosecutions are relatively rare but — like most federal white collar crimes — they bring a super-sized penalty. Continue reading